Principal’s Message

It is an honour to be the first principal of South Melbourne Primary School. I have worked for over 30 years as an educator both overseas, in large city schools and small country settings.

I have established myself as a person who cares for his staff whilst ensuring students are at the centre of everything we do. I encourage all learners, both adult and child, to face challenges with courage and determination so the school vision of “Inspiring hearts and minds to thrive” can be realised. The purpose of the school is to care for and educate children and each teacher who works at South Melbourne is subject to a rigorous selection process to ensure the best. We want our children to be safe, happy, connected and achieving and these goals are supported by our strong values of Character, Community and Learning.

Everyone who walks through our doors is significant and I believe in developing a sense of wonder, joy and happiness in every child and educator so their journey through our school is memorable, fruitful and fun.

I welcome questions and comments and look forward to the awesome task of being a part of your child’s future.


We care for and educate children so that they are safe, happy, connected and achieving.


Our Mission is to ensure every child:

  • feels safe physically, emotionally and psychologically
  • smiles daily and enjoys school with a passion
  • has at least one good friend; and knows how to make and keep friends
  • is literate and numerate to at least their grade level standard
  • is inquisitive, creative and can construct their own learning
  • works hard and is kind to self, others and the environment.

Inspiring hearts and minds to thrive


Character, Community and Learning

BIG 10


Follow teacher directions
all the way, right away

Use quiet voices, respectful tone,
and appropriate language

Be safe around others –
keep hands and feet to yourself

Remain “SET” during class.
(Sit up, Engage in the lesson,
Track the speaker)

Use time effectively;
focus on learning, don’t call out
or distract others

Keep personal and work spaces
tidy and organised

Smile and use your manners

Get along with others; be helpful,
kind and caring

Try hard all the time even when
it is challenging

Embrace mistakes
as opportunities to learn

South Melbourne Primary School

129-161 Ferrars Street, Southbank 3006

03 9935 9399